Roughness measurements

... according to standard

Using the technology of the structured illumination Confovis measuring systems are particularly suitable for precise measurements of surface roughness, which were analysed profil-based (2D) according to DIN ISO 4287/4288 as well as area-based (3D) according to DIN ISO 25178.



Focus variation

... and structured illumination 

Flank angles up to 80° and the 3D analysis of finest surfaces by
means of confocal measurements. Use the advantages of
both measurement methods in one system - for different
measuring tasks e.g. form and roughness determination in
tool making and mechanical engineering



3D wafer microstructures measured; automated wafer inpsection

Wafer Microstructures

... automatically measured 

The ConfoDisc CL300 measuring system the automatic and
three-dimentional measurement of through-silicon vias (TSV)
and bumps. Nikon handling periphery such as wafer
loader can be easily integrated. Control and data
transfer are carried out via a SECS/GEM


3D surface metrology provided by Confovis

Quick, precise and conforming to standards: Confovis offers optical 3D measuring technology for reliable process controls and detailed quality inspections in a wide range of industries.

With cutting tools, the surface quality in the sub-micrometer range is crucial to the service life of the tools and the precision of the parts to be produced. Especially in the production of functional surfaces such as bearing surfaces, deviations in the nanometre range are decisive for the service life and reliability of the parts. Using Confovis measuring systems, you can measure both tools and functional surfaces of components with nanometre precision.

Artefact-free measuring

The patented functional principle of structured illumination of Confovis offers new approaches in confocal measurement technology. The latest generation of devices guarantees an isotropic resolution of edge angles up to 40°. Even at structures with an edge angle of up to 90°, there are no artefacts, whereby a minimum lateral resolution of 300 nm is achieved. In this connection, the photon noise of better than 3 nm constitutes the limit of the axial resolution. The Confovis measuring process uses LEDs und thus reduces Speckle and coherence effects that often limit the accuracy of measuring results with white light interferometers and laser scanning microscopes.

The confovis measuring process uses LEDs, thus reducing the effects mentioned. Measuring artefacts, the main cause for the restriction of the confocal measuring technology applied to determine roughness values of unknown surfaces, are reduced considerably. Together with the actually recorded measured values, this allows traceable roughness measurements.


Tool manufacturers benefit from combined measuring techniques

The latest generation of measuring devices from confovis GmbH combines focus variation and confocal measuring processes for the first time in order to analyse the micro-topography and roughness of components and tools such as...


New dimensions of optical metrology: large field of view for small time window

ConfoGate CGM-100 with a image field of 2,5 x 2,0 mm allows standardized roughness measurements for the first time in measuring times comparable with tactile measuring systems.


Portal measuring system for defect analysis of optical lenses

The Portal System ConfoPort CPO-LV-SD with its positioning unit allows fast non- contact quality inspection of the surface integrity of optical lenses down to the nanometer range. It generates three-dimensional analyses even of...

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