Roughness Measurements

Due to the technology of structured lighting, confovis measurement systems are particularly well-suited for precision measurement of surface roughness. Roughness can be determined either in a profile-based manner as
specified in ISO 4287/4288, or area-based as specified
in ISO 25178.

Lead Twist Analysis

The portal system ConfoGate CGDR-100
analyses rotationally symmatrical parts
according to Daimler Standard 
MBN 31007-07 in shortest
measuring times.

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3D wafer microstructures measured; automated wafer inpsection

Fast Wafer Inspection


The ConfoDisc CL300 - made for 3D analysis of wafer
micro structures. It combines short scan and
preparation times and allows even automated
measurements of critical dimensions. 


3D surface metrology provided by confovis

Quick, precise and conforming to standards: confovis offers optical 3D measuring technology for reliable process controls and detailed quality inspections in a wide range of industries.

Technical surfaces, such as components from toolmaking, mechanical and automotive engineering, as well as microstructures of plastic parts, wafers, films and other materials, can be measured with nanometre accuracy, plotted three-dimensionally and evaluated extensively using analysis software.The focus here: measuring solutions which provide customers with an advantage in terms of time and quality. Standardised roughness measurements are the essential aspect here and can be reliably and traceably carried out with measurement systems from confovis.


New dimensions of optical metrology: large field of view for small time window

ConfoGate CGM-100 with a image field of 2,5 x 2,0 mm allows standardized roughness measurements for the first time in measuring times comparable with tactile measuring systems.


Portal measuring system for defect analysis of optical lenses

The Portal System ConfoPort CPO-LV-SD with its positioning unit allows fast non- contact quality inspection of the surface integrity of optical lenses down to the nanometer range. It generates three-dimensional analyses even of...

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Analysis Software

Discover the possibilities: ConfoVIZ© plus MountainsMap®

Here you will find selected customers from various industry and research sectors. 

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