New ConfoCam C1+: High precision combined with high measuring speed

Perfect illumination, optimised lateral resolution, very high acceptance angle and the fastest in its class...

confovis ConfoCam C1+

The new ConfoCam C1+ scanning head from confovis GmbH impresses with top measuring performance and robust design.
The ConfoCam C1+ scanning module is based on the operating principle of structured illumination, which was developed by confovis. Surfaces are not scanned point for point or line by line (which is time consuming), but instead the entire surface is captured directly. This measuring process allows optimal resolution and a very high acceptance angle to be achieved.

High-precision measuring technology in a robust shell

In addition to image performance, the ConfoCam C1+ is also extremely robust in a mechanical sense. As it has no moving parts, and thanks to its robust design, the device can be used in a production environment, and no maintenance or calibration is required.

3D measuring technology from one single provider
ConfoCam C1+ is at the heart of the confovis 3D measuring systems and was developed for the Nikon LV 150, L 200 and L 300 series. Confovis developed this measuring system from an imaging system (light microscope). Optional use of piezo actuators, as well as motorised, encoded Z-positioning systems allows the broadest demands for precision and measuring range to be met.
As such, the complete turn-key technology is supplied by one single provider. In addition to its own measuring software, confovis provides evaluation in accordance with all global standards such as DIN ISO 4287 and 25178.

Supported by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Social Fund
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