Integrated measurement systems at the Control 2015

True to the motto "flexible in design, high accuracy in application", Confovis is displaying their expanded product range of highly integrated measurement solutions at Control 2015.

he measurement systems for the 3D analysis of tool as well as workpiece surfaces that are being presented, are specifically designed for requirements and tasks in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as tool and machine engineering. Regardless of the version: Thanks to a combined measuring method, form and roughness can be analysed contact-free with an accuracy of up to 3nm with only one measurement system.
The complete product program shows Confovis at its Booth 7322 in Hall 7. Additionally the metrology specialist is part of the special exibition "contactless metrology" which is organized in Hall 1, Booth 1602 by the Fraunhofer Alliance.

Industry-specific Solutions
In order to react to the requirements of individual industries, Confovis offers a modular system based on NIKON microscope components. Whether as a compact standard measurement system CLV150 or as a flexible portal system CGF-LV/-SD: In industry-specific solutions, confocal measurement technology and focal variation are combined into one measurement device, thereby uniting the advantages of both measurement techniques into one system where the analysis takes place using the widespread software resource MountainsMap®. Tool manufacturers are able not to just examine e.g. milling tools, screw taps or cutting inserts with regards to their shape characteristics such as cutting edge radius and angles, but also the roughness of measurements conforming to standards. That saves time and the costly acquisition of several measuring devices. The measurement of large angles is reserved for measurement via focal variation, whereas the confocal measurement technology measures the finest surfaces down into the nanometer-range.

Flexible Sample Handling
According to the application, the measuring instruments have up to 5 axes, thereby expensive measurements can be carried out too saving time. Above all as a portal solution, the user has an extended measuring and operating range. A pivoted, motorised workpiece rotation axis can cover a horizontal or vertical axis. For the scan using the focus level, there is a micro-positioner system such as piezo components or stepper-motors that can be used simultaneously. Depending on the component size and weight, various designs of XY-tables can be chosen from as well as a suitable jig or mounting fixture for tools and components. Thanks to the compatibility of the program components, Confovis measurement systems can be upgraded or modified at any time without a lot of expense. The workpieces can always be measured contact-free and thereby non-destructively.

Software with Operator Comfort
Measuring at the touch of a button, analysing with experience: With the combination of the manufacturer's own measurement software ConfoVIZ® and market-established evaluation software MountainsMap©, the measurement systems offer a high amount of user-friendliness. Along with the measurement points measured by focus variation and recorded by confocals, the ConfoViz® software creates a 3D point cloud that exclusively maps the actual recorded measurement points. The genuine measurement values are consequently available to the user in a coordination system. It foregoes the software-based filling up of unmeasured data points. The gained results can be used accompanying production and displayed in various output formats according to requirements. In order to be able to design user-independent and accurately repeatable measuring processes, measuring scripts can be automated. Plug-in capable measurement software also allows the integration of customer-specific evaluations.

Traceable Measurements conform to Standards
The surfaces measured by ConfoVIZ® are analysed traceably and thereby comparably by MountainsMap® analysis software according to DIN EN ISO 4287/4288 and DIN EN ISO 25178. All results are not just exactly verified for the mean roughness Ra, but also for the reduced centre height Rpk and the reduced drag depth Rvk according to DIN EN ISO 13565 based on the roughness standards of independent providers. Apart from the selection of a standard filter (with corresponding cut-off wavelength), no post-processes are necessary because the confocal measurement does not produce any significant speckle and coherence effects according to the patented processes of structured illumination microscopy. Therefore, the user is provided with data for his working progress that allows him to control the process parameters.

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