Tool Inspect measurement system at the Hanover Fair 2017

Confovis presents its Tool Inspect optical measurement system for quick and automated measurement of tools and micro-components at the Hanover Fair 2017. The measurement system offers two measurement procedure in one measuring device, a motorised rotary/swivel tool for 360° stitching of components and data consolidation in a global coordinate system. Customers can complete complex measurement tasks quickly, reliably and precisely thanks to menu-controlled operator guidance in the software.

In 2017, Confovis shows itself to be a system provider with a clear focus on customers demands. With its product portfolio, specially geared towards meeting the requirements of the individual industries, the company from Jena takes optical measurement technology to a new level. At the Hanover Fair, the measurement technology producer presents itself together with its partner Rösler Oberflächentechnik, the specialist in precise surface finishing. In order to be able to monitor and document the quality of its products at every stage of the process, the Franconian company uses Confovis metrology systems. Thanks to the patented measuring technology based on structured illumination microscopy (SIM), even reflective surfaces can be measured. Using confocal measurements, Rösler determines the roughness of the finished surfaces, among other things, with high precision and in accordance with the standards. With its 3D measurement systems, Confovis measures and analyses roughness not profile-based in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4287/4288 and DIN EN ISO 13565, but also areal-based in accordance with DIN EN ISO 25178. At the Hanover Fair 2017 customers were able to get a live experience of the measurement system Tool Inspect in hall 6, stand D30.

More automation for less complexity

With Tool Inspect, the operator no longer needs to be a specialist to use the measuring device. Thanks to significantly developed functions such as autofocus, auto-lighting and software-based menu guidance for the measurement plan, operators who have previously exclusively used tactile measurement immediately feel familiar with the device. Customers from tool making an mechanical engineering can use the easy-to-use measurement system for shape and contour measurements and for roughness measurements as part of quality control. Here, it is designed for use in manufacturing and shows itself to be robust and low-maintenance.

Tool analysis made easy
Depending on the use and measurement task, Tool Inspect is available with an XY table or additionally with a swivelling motorised workpiece pivot. As a result, even rotating tools such as drill bits and milling tools can be measured. Thanks to the combined measurement process, steep flanks can be captured using focus variation; for determining roughness on the other hand, the high precision confocal measurement technology is used. The data is compiled into a measurement result using data fusion. Thus, for example, tool manufacturers can also measure and analyse the wear on their tools alongside cutting edges, roughness or geometries.
Data consolidation in a global coordinate system
Measurement data which has been measured using both the focus variation measurement procedure and confocal measurement technology can then be consolidated into a global coordinate system using the ConfoVIZ© measurement software. In addition, there is also the option of exporting the measurement data into any 3D analysis software such as GOM®, Polyworks® or Geomagic® using the appropriate formats and making fine adjustments using an internal grid. Workpieces can be measured on five axes using the measurement system and compared to the target data.

Measurements according to a pre-defined measurement plan
The ConfoVIZ© software is intuitive to use and allows both inexperienced and qualified machine operators to obtain reliable measurement results at any time. For recurring tool types or micro-structures, the operator can stop at the measurement positions once, specify the measurement range and save this as a specific measurement plan. All measurement parameters such as illumination times, etc. are automatically applied by the system and saved under the product identification number. When repeating the measurement, an untrained operator can then simply call up the measurement plan which has been set up and the measurements are automatically repeated.

Measurement technology implemented in the application
For applications such as automated testing of cylindrical components such as roller bearings, for example, Confovis offers the specially designed Roller Inspect measurement system for the location and measurement of surface defects. This helps bearing manufacturers to meet the steadily increasing quality requirements with systematic defect analysis. In addition, Confovis expands its portfolio with the Lead Inspect measurement system. It is intended to analyse surfaces in a seal system, which are supposed to be without lead structures to be leak-proof.  Alongside the macro  lead in accordance with the Daimler standard MBN 31007-7, it can also analyse the micro lead for the first time. The Wafer Inspect measurement system with wafer table and automated measurement software for feature detection is used for applications in the wafer and semi-conductor industry. Confovis thus offers a tailor-made solution for a broad spectrum of applications.

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