Portal measuring system for defect analysis of optical lenses

The Portal System ConfoPort CPO-LV-SD with its positioning unit allows fast non- contact quality inspection of the surface integrity of optical lenses down to the nanometer range. It generates three-dimensional analyses even of reflective surfaces.

The confovis system was specially developed for the high quality requirements in the optical industry where lenses must be checked for scratches, particles and inclusions to be able to determine their quality and subsequent use.

The measuring system measures and analyzes the height, depth, width, radii, and angles of lenses down to the nanometer range with the highest precision and is also suitable for reflective surfaces. The non-destructive optical test method allows classification of the lenses by fault, so these can then be refinished or discarded accordingly.

The positioning unit for 5-axis positioning enables the optical surface to be swiveled and rotated. To do this, the lens to be tested is fixed in a clamping device and positioned flexibly with the positioning unit. Any required point on the sample can be measured in this way without any great effort.
Combined with Nikon microscope components and the ConfocamC1+ confocal scan head, the portal allows reliable and high-precision measurements and informative 3D analyses. If required, the system can also be equipped with extra-long working distance objectives. Besides the 3D analysis, the positioning unit also provides a transmitted light function for classic 2D observation.

Just like all portal solutions by confovis, the portal for optical lens inspection provides the highest degree of flexibility concerning the working distance, so all kinds of sample heights can be measured using one measuring device. The vibration-cushioned subframe guarantees high-precision measuring results. More Pictures you will find here>

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