Optische 3D-Messtechnik von Confovis
Patented combination of
defect inspection and 2D/3D measurements

Optical metrology from Confovis

Precise and traceable measurement of various surfaces​

In surface metrology, measuring tasks are rarely tailor-made for measuring systems. In order to solve these tasks automatically and successfully, the measuring systems must be adaptable quickly and easily to the measuring task and should be easy to operate.

Confovis is a developer and manufacturer of optical 3D surface measurement systems based on the patented 3D measurement technology “Structured Illumination Microscopy” (SIM). Advantages of the Confovis SIM method compared to laser scanning microscopes and other confocal measuring devices are the data quality and measurement speed. Confovis is able to measure unknown materials with nanometer accuracy.

In addition to the confocal SIM measurement technology, focus variation is also available to the user. Both methods complement each other perfectly and results can be merged into a 3D evaluation. As a result, a wide variety of surfaces with different topography and reflectivity can be measured in a matter of seconds.

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