New scan module FocusCam for time-saving tool analysis

Confovis presents FocusCam scan module for the rapid measurement of the shape and contours of tools. It measures steep flanks, such as the cutting edges of milling machines or drills,with the focus variation procedure.

With a resolution of 3352 x 3072 pixels (10.3 MP), it enables the rapid and precise 3D target/actual comparison of tools or components, with the evaluation of cutting edges, for example. The advantage: Confovis fulfils with all of its measurement systems the Nyquist criterion with all of the objective lenses.
Precise and fast
The FocusCam was designed for the rapid and precise comparison of any surface structures as per the CAD model, and configured especially to the requirements of medical technology and the area of tool and machine building. In these areas, thanks to the large field of view of up to 7.36 mm x 6.76 mm (with 2.5x lens), it is possible to measure larger surface structures of tools and work-pieces with lateral resolutions of up to 0.7 µm and axial resolutions of up to 30 nm in the shortest of times. The FocusCam can be integrated into both the compact ConfoSurf CLV150 measurement system as well as in the flexibly scalable ConfoGate CGF-LV/-SD from Confovis. This means that an optical measurement system for the straightforward measurement of shapes and contours via focus variation is available at an attractive starter price. It can also be upgraded and extended at any time as required.
Genuine measured values at the touch of a button
With the combination of the manufacturer's proprietary ConfoVIZ® software and the established Polyworks® and Mountains Map® evaluation software, the measurement systems offer a high degree of user-friendliness. The ConfoViz® software creates a 3D points cloud from the measurement points that are measured with the focus variation which only depicts real recorded measurement points. Genuine measurement values are therefore available to the user in a coordinate system. The software does not fill in any data points which are not measured. The results that are gained can be used to support the manufacturing.
User-friendly Software
For further flexibility during the evaluation, the results of the measurements can be provided in different file formats and then processed further as required with the appropriate analysis software. For this task, MountainsMap®, Polyworks, Geomatrix and GOM are all supported. In order to manage measurement processes independently of the user and with accurate repeatability, measuring scripts can be automated. The plug-in compatible measurement software also enables the integration of customer-specific evaluations with single button operation directly during the manufacturing.