Semiconductor Industry

Confovis measurement systems integrate into the production process for the optical quality control of semiconductors and wafers. In particular: defect analyses, shape and contour measurements, TSV analyses, verification of microstructures and critical dimensioning.

Time-saving area scans for 100 % Quality control

Rather than time-consuming point-by-point scans, it allows fast surface scans with utmost precision in measurement down to the sub-µ range. Using the ConfoVIZ® software, measurement data are generated within seconds, displayed in 3D and finally comprehensively analysed using MountainsMap® software.
In comparison to usual random sampling, it is possible to check all chips on a semiconductor wafer. Users can see at a glance whether the height of the contact holes or the width of conductors is within the tolerances on all chips and where there are any deviations. Due to the high number of measurements, the results are also statistically significant.

Reproducible and reliable measuring results

Benefit from reliable and reproducible measurement results in the shortest of time. The confocal measuring principle of the system reveals its strengths especially for transparent layers and highly reflective surfaces.
It offers the functionality of a classical microscope with the added benefit of 3D measurement and analysis. The ConfoDisc CL300 measures without contact and thus nondestructively, and integrates safe wafer handling and precise positioning.

Typical Applications:

Wafer Bumps
Needle Tip Analysis (Wafer Testing)
Needle Imprint (Wafer-Testing)
Wafer Micro Structures

Pattern recognition

The ConfoVIZ© measurement and analysis software allows for automatic pattern recognition as well as the measurement of vias, slots, overlays and other surface characteristics. In addition, the software also supports wafer map analysis which can be used to automatically measure dies on a wafer. Reproducibility and independence of the measurement results from the user can be achieved thanks to the automatic measurement algorithms. You can see at a glance whether process-related parameters on the relevant dies are within the tolerances. The results are statistically signifi cant thanks to the high number of measurements.

Automated measurements for reliable measurement processes

Operating the ConfoViz© software is intuitive, measuring with the ConfoViz© software can be pre-programmed and proceeds quickly. The user can position the measurement device close to recurring structures on a base substrate level, set the area to be measured and save this as a measurement plan. All parameters such as lighting periods, etc. are adopted by the system automatically and stored under the product number. For a repeat measurement, an untrained operator can call up a previously stored measurement plan and the measurements are repeated automatically. This results in the following advantages:

  1. Qualified personnel with metrological knowledge is only required to configure the measurement and evaluation once; after that, the company can carry out its own inspections.
  2. Follow-up measurements and evaluations are performed without any influence from the operator.
  3. Time-consuming programming of measurement plans becomes unnecessary.
  4. Downtime on production machines are reduced thanks to the high measurement speed.
  5. Because two measurement techniques are united in one device, only one operating interface must be instructed.

Characteristics tests made easy

Evaluations are completed in the MountainsMap® software after the measurement data are exported. Relevant surface characteristics such as circles, cylinders, elongated holes, webs or levels can be examined both by position and dimension and by spacing and angles. Furthermore, these can also be compared with each other as well as to the CAD reference — including form and position tolerance measurements. Formatted reports with individual report templates can be created and the measurement results exported into Excel or Word. It is also possible to output the entire measurement report as a PDF.

To arrange the data in a way that is more straightforward, the tolerance utilisation on test items is classified and depicted using a traffic light approach. This way, it is obvious whether items are within the tolerances and/or within the control limits or should be discarded at a glance. For industrial applications in which other evaluation tools are to be used as well, the ConfoViz© software provides diverse output formats such as PIF, G3D, STL and ASCII to name a few. With these, customers can continue to use the evaluation tools they are trained to use and have used before. Watch the video on the right to see the measurement system in action. >>

Video: multiple measurements according to receipe