Measuring systems for 3D surface inspection

Starting from the application, Confovis develops measuring systems tailored to the requirements of different industries. The measuring devices are extremely flexible and of modular design and can be customized in terms of size, features and technology. With the dedicated measuring software ConfoVIZ® and the corresponding established evaluation software such as MountainsMap© or GOM© extensive measurements on surfaces, microstructures, etc. can be performed and evaluated. Depending on the configuration, the measuring systems are available as manual, semi-automatic or even fully automatic versions. Measuring procedures can be performed simply and reliably according to measuring plan or recipe.



Application of optical 3D measurements

The WAFERinspect measuring system is suitable for wafer measurement and optical quality control of semiconductors.

TOOLinspect finds application in measurements of tools, micro-components as well as the roughness of functional surfaces.

The LEADinspect measuring system makes standard-compliant analysis of macro lead and micro lead possible. 



ROLLERinspect serves the automatic detection of defects and the measurement of defects – such as dents on rolling elements of anti-friction bearings.  



Duo Vario BASE

The DUO VARIO Base measuring system can be used universally and measures roughness from the single-digit nanometer scale and of contours. Optionally the measuring system is also available with focus variation.

Benefits of optical measurement with Confovis measuring systems

  • No use of noise filters, complete transparency of raw data
  • Measurement of reflecting, transparent and diffuse surfaces
  • Roughness measurement can be traced to any roughness standard
  • Simple to operate: 3 clicks for the measurement, 1 click for the evaluation
  • Short measuring time: almost like a stylus instrument
  • Automation and QS database interfaces

Across the entire process

Confovis combines tried and tested Nikon and Olympus microscopy with innovative scanning technology. In this way, an imaging microscope becomes a measuring system for 3D surface inspection. The confocal microscope of the Confovis system is a valuable replacement for many applications, both REM and other measuring devices such as, for example, the profilometer.



Whether directly on the production floor, in the calibration laboratory, the test lab or in research and development: the Confovis measuring systems are easy to integrate, simple to operate and provide high-precision measuring results to single-digit nanoscale level even in rough environments. Besides, their high measuring speed makes them valuable time-savers.

Umfangreiche 3D-Daten

Comprehensive 3D data

Whether with the ConfoCam©C1+ or the Duo Vario Base: All measurements are made by time-saving area scanning instead of the expensive point-by-point or line-by-line scan. The measuring systems produce results down to the single-digit nanometer scale. Measuring data is generated and displayed in 3D format by the ConfoVIZ© software and then evaluated comprehensively by the MountainsMap® software. In quality assurance, this saves a distinct amount of time, ensures high quality of the data obtained and makes extensive measuring data available for evaluation. A particular benefit is that, in contrast with conventional confocal measuring methods, the patented Confovis measuring technology can also measure reflecting surfaces and transparent layers without disturbing artefacts such as are known, for example, from laser scanning microscopes.

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