Fast 3D surface metrology

From the compact CLV150 standard system to the CGF-LV portal solution: the Confovis measuring systems are upward compatible and easily convertible thanks to their modular construction. Confovis offers tailored solutions that can be adapted to your requirements. Whether lighting, lenses, positioning systems, scanning unit or software: existing devices can – thanks to the compatibility of the system components – be expanded at any time to permit additional functions or measurement techniques. This saves on acquisition costs and the expense of operator training.

Precise measuring results within a few seconds

The combination of usual Nikon microscope technology and innovative scan technology turns a mapping microscope into a measuring microscope system for 3D surface inspection. For many applications, the confocal microscope of the confovis system can reasonably replace both, REM and other measuring devices such as the profilometer. So the excellent qualities of the contactless measuring process are now also available in the industrial environment.

So the continuous, precise and cost-efficient control of all steps of your development and production process is ensured. Whether directly in the production, in a separate test laboratory or in research & development: the confovis measuring system can be easily integrated, easily operated and guarantees highly exact measurements up to the nanometre range even in rough environmental conditions. Thanks to the use of very high measuring speeds, it moreover saves precious time.

Extensive 3D data

Rather than time-consuming point-by-point scans, it allows fast surface scans with utmost precision in measurement down to the sub-µ range. Using the ConfoVIZ® software, measurement data are generated within seconds, displayed in 3D and finally comprehensively analysed using MountainsMap® software. Alongside roughnesses, angles, heights and depths, distances, etc., the technology also measures reflecting surfaces. In quality assurance processes, this results in considerable time savings, reliable data quality and highest precision measurement results.

Scanning modules for fast, contactless surface analysis

The FocusCam© is a basic model for exclusive measurements with focus variation to suit the customer's task. In addition, the advanced scanning module ConfoCam© C1+ allows two measuring processes to be employed in one measuring system.

ConfoCam© C1+: scanning module for shape/contour and roughness measurements

The ConfoCam© C1+ scanning head allows you to perform measurements based on focus variation as well as confocal measurements based on the principle of structured illumination. This allows both shape and contour measurements as well as the measurement of standards-compliant and traceable roughnesses.

  • Combined measuring procedures: Purchase once and measure flexibly
  • Vibration-resistant design: For maintenance-free operation and reliable measurements even in rough environmental conditions
  • High-resolution and precise: For measurements down to the single-digit nanometre range, predestined for roughness measurements
  • Time-saving measurements: Fast surface scans, instead of time-consuming point-by-point/line-by-line scanning
  • Virtually artefact-free measurement results: Thanks to patented technology of structured illumination

FocusCam©: basic scanning module for fast, precise comparision of actual surface structures against the CAD model

The scanning module is designed for quick and easy measurement of shapes and contours and with high flank angles. It offers an extended field of view to save time when scanning tool microgeometries, for example. If needed, the measuring system can be upgraded quickly and uncomplicatedly to the ConfoCam©

  • For shape and contour measurements and for 3D variance analysis.
  • For high acceptance angles: Focus variation allows resolution even of high flank angles of up to 85°.
  • Large field of view 7.36 x 6.76 mm (2.5x objective) Image sensor resolution 3352 x 3072 pixels
  • Available with monochromatic or colour camera



Powerful measurement and analysis software

Confovis combines its ConfoVIZ© measuring software with established analysis software of various vendors. From measurement points taken with focus variation, ConfoVIZ© creates a 3D point cloud which truly depicts only those measurement points that were captured. Genuine measurement values are therefore available to the user in a coordinate system. The software does not fill in any data points which are not measured. ConfoVIZ© is user-friendly and intuitive, with a clear layout making it easy to handle.

The measuring software offers the following functions:

  • Stitching with freely selectable measurement tiles  
  • Intensity sectioning for determining lateral distances or layer thicknesses
  • Extended focus view
  • Outline tracing
  • Pixel stack analysis
  • Multi-Measurements

In order to manage measurement processes independently of the user and with accurate repeatability, measuring scripts can be automated. The plug-in-capable measuring software also allows direct integration of customer-specific analyses with one-button operation into production. A broad range of output formats allows continued use in a wide variety of analytical software solutions. Formats including IST, TIF, 3D-ASCII, PIF and STL, for example, can be output in order to analyse the measured data in the software of choice, such as MountainsMap®, Polyworks®, GOM® or Geometrics®. 

Evaluation with MountainsMap® analysis software

MountainsMap® software offers extensive presentation functions – from height profile to tiltable 3D real image. It prepares standardised reports at the push of a button and allows for integrative and interactive analysis of multiple data sets.

It supports for example the following:

  • Roughness analyses according to DIN ISO 4287/4288 and DIN EN ISO 25178
  • Microgeometry measurements such as radiuses, angles, widths and heights
  • Variance analyses against specified design data
  • Numerous imaging options of the measurement
  • 4D analysis

Consideration of the latest international and national surface analysis standards, e.g. DIN EN ISO 25178, DIN EN ISO 4287 and 4288, DIN EN ISO/TS 16610 and other international standards makes sure that the results are comparable.

Evaluation with PolyWorks|Inspector™ software

PolyWorks|Inspector™ is a powerful industrial 3D metrology software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using non-contact point cloud digitizers and single-point contact-based probing devices.

  • Import of common CAD formats (IGES, STEP, SAT)
  • Guided measurement (control geometries, variance analysis, cross-sections, profiles, gaps and flushness)
  • Automation of batch measurements including statistical process control (SPC), even via plug-in
  • Shape and position tolerance measurements according to ISO and ANSI/ASME standard
  • Report creation and free PolyWorks|Viewer™
  • Processing of point clouds
  • Extensive variance analyses with colour representation

Evaluation with GOM Inspect software

GOM Inspect is a 3D inspection and mesh processing software for dimensional analysis of 3D point clouds generated by, inter alia, confocal measurements. Select features are:

  • GOM Inspect includes all analytical tools needed for comprehensive assembly and component analysis.
  • CAD import: IGES, STEP, JT-Open, PLY, ...
  • Alignments: Automatic pre-alignment, RPS, 3-2-1, plane-line-point, best-fit and hierarchical alignment, alignment by local coordinate systems, ...
  • CAD comparison: Surface, sections, points, ...
  • CAD-based generation of control geometries: Line, plane, circle, cylinder, cone, ...
  • 2D-section-based analysis
  • Inspection functions: Dimensions, virtual callipers, angle, diameter, ...
  • ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5 standard-based GD&T analysis
  • Construction and inspection of distances between coordinate systems (6DoF)
  • Reporting: Screenshot, tables, PDFs, onscreen presentation of reports, videos from multi-stage projects, ...

Highly precise objective lenses and intelligent nosepiece

Confovis uses the full range of the prestigious, proven NIKON microscope technology and thus incorporates long-established components into its measuring systems. As for the objective lenses, they were used from Nikon as well as from Olympus  depending on the application and measuring task.

Objective lenses from Nikon are used in range from 2.5x up to 100x and are even available as ELWD, light-field and dark-field versions if needed. Objective lenses from Olympus were mostly used for the lead analysis.

The measuring systems can optionally be equipped with a manual or motorised objective revolver (encoded) with "focus shift correction". The ConfoVIZ© software reliably detects which objective is currently being used and thus makes the basic settings automatically. This ensures the correct objective is used for the measurement at all times and reliably prevents measurement errors.

Reliable sample handling

For reliable, safe and accurate sample handling and positioning, Confovis offers many alternatives for clamping and mounting. For example, drills,mills, indexable inserts and other components can be returned perfectly into position with exact repetition. Both manual and motorised turn/swivel devices are available.

Precise micropositioning in X, Y and Z direction

Measurements on upright microscopes require exact positioning in the XY direction. For each specific application, Confovis integrates the Nikon manual stage with various travel ranges or, optionally, with a Märzhäuser motorised stage. These offer a travel range between 100 x 100 and 300 x 300 mm, and can position samples of up to 100 kg in weight.

The use of motorised micro-positioning systems is the perfect complement to the overall Confovis system. Combined with the Jena piezo system, a piezo stage has been developed to allow extremely fast and precise measurement in the Z direction. The stage consists of a highly sensitive piezo actuator with integrated encoder.

  • Measuring range: 250 µm
  • Accuracy: 1 nm
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.3% (1 sigma)

(Measured with 50 nm step height and Nikon objective LU Plan 50x NA 0.8)

Suitable sample illumination

When measuring with focus variation, LED illumination ensures homogeneous sample illumination and a constant colour temperature. In addition to Märzhäuser coaxial LED lighting, the partially dimmable Confovis LED ring light is also used. The software-controlled ring light can be fastened quickly and easily onto the respective objective, and has freely selectable illumination patterns.

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