ConfoDisc CL200/CL300 for wafer inspection

The confovis measuring system ConfoDisc CL200/CL300 based on the NIKON microskope L200 or L300 is particularly suitable for the detailed measurement of wafers in the semiconductor industry. As the smaller version, the wafer microscope systems supply razor-sharp details and precise measurements down to the nanometre range. For professional handling and perfect positioning, wafer disks are used in combination with micro-positioning tables. In this way, precious data regarding the surface details of wafers can be determined in the development, in testing or directly in the production. The measuring system solves classical measuring tasks such as roughness, topology or microgeometry measurements down to depth resolution in the nanometre range. With a measuring and working range of 200 or 300 mm, the confovis measuring system has been designed for typical wafer sizes.

A measurement system with many benefits:

  • 3D characterisation of wafers using fast surface area scans
  • Determination of critical dimensions for vias, slots, overlays, beyond others
  • Measurement of a wide range of surfaces and materials,even reflecting surfaces and transparent coatings
  • Functionality of a traditional microscope, including live view on the wafer
  • Autofocus for reliable and simple wafer capturing
  • Pattern recognition / wafer mapping and creation of receipts
  • Automated measurement of geometry elements such as slots, step heights, coating thicknesses, angles and saw cut

Highly precise measurements

Confovis offers the fastest confocal measuring system. This is possible thanks to the innovative optical process for contactless surface scanning. The technology can do without moveable components and is therefore robust and less susceptible to disturbing factors, such as shocks, than traditional technologies. In the ConfoCam C1+, no tiltable mirrors or pinhole disks are used. Typical influences from the production-related environment, such as vibrations or dust thus have a considerably reduced effect on the measurement than is the case with mechanical scanning systems.The omission of moveable parts moreover guarantees a long service life and maintenance-free design.

    Fast 3D analysis

    The measurement is completed very quickly. With high lateral and depth resolution, the ConfoCam C1+ needs less than half a minute for a typical surface scan. The software converts the image stack into a 3D image which is available to the user directly after the optical scan. The new measuring process reduces downtimes which are caused by extensive sample preparations or long inspection periods. Due to the possibility to react to critical events in a direct and targeted manner, scrap can be reduced and downtimes minimised.

    Automation made easy

    The measurement system can be put together according to the customer needs, depending on the measuring task. Alongside the Nikon product range, a broad selection of compatible peripheral components are available. Alongside the basic model, Confovis also off ers the right micro-positioning, a wide range of wafer handling systems and a vibration dampened base. Have a look at the video on the right and see the automated wafer measurement system ConfoDisc CL200/CL300 with wafer loader in action. Have a look at the video to the right to see the system in action.>>

    Video: automated wafer loading and measurement