Surface and lead measuring system

Confovis Measuring system for lead analysis according to Daimler standard

Lead analysis according to Daimler Standard

The measuring system has been conceived for the measurement of rotationally symmetric components and enables the analysis of macro lead acc. to Daimler standard MBN 31007-07 and micro lead according to the analysis method (IMA micro lead) developed by the Institute of Maschine Components (IMA) Stuttgart. Thanks to the nanometre-precise recording of the surface, the Confovis measuring method also enables the analysis of stochastic surfaces without periodicity on conveying structures, which is not possible with the established tactile measuring methods.

More quality in a minimum of time

Measurements according to Daimler Standard MBN 31007-07

Short measurement times thanks to areal scans

Highly precise measurements down to the nanometer range

Lead parameters according to Daimler standard MBN 31007-07

The surface and lead measuring system scans the lateral surface of a shaft in accordance with the current version of Daimler standard MBN 31007-7 dated 2009. Thanks to a precise rotation axis, 72 line scans are made. In addition, the system is able to evaluate roughness measurements according to ISO 4287 and 25178 as well as dominant waviness according to VDA 2007. It allows for short measuring times with a 99% correlation to the results of stylus profilometers and then automatically generates an report. In addition to the analysis according to the Daimler standard, the micro lead can also be analysed.

All important lead twist parameters can be determined:

  •     Free movement DG
  •     Lead depth Dt [μm]
  •     Length of period DP [mm]
  •     Conveying cross section DF [μm²]
  •     Conveying cross section per revolution DFu [μm²/rev.]
  •     Percentage of support length DLu [%]
  •     Lead angle [°]

Analysis according to standards with MountainsMap® Software

Integrating MountainsMap® analysis software from Digital Surf, the surface and lead measuring system measures and analyzes shaft sealing surfaces fast and with very high accuracy. Once the measurement data has been obtained, MountainsMap® automatically generates an analysis report in accordance with Daimler standard MBN 31007-07, by running the second generation lead twist analysis algorithm under license from Mercedes-Benz.

Time saving area scan for fast measuring results

The surface and lead measuring system scans a complete surface instead of scanning it point by point or line by line as the existing measuring technology does. Periodic structures that may be critical for shaft sealing systems may be reliably distinguished from stochastic surface structures. In the framework of the quality and process control, the surface can be measured and analysed in its entirety significantly faster.
Ultimately, the measurements in connection with the analysis tools of IMA create a foundation for the functional evaluation of sealing systems.

Flexible and robust design

The measuring system combines precise metrology components with solid design. For this it is made for the use in the production environment. The vibration absorbing optical frame, the solid frame and the high-tensile aluminum profiles in industrial design form a ideal measuring work station. Using this system, it is possible to carry-out non-contact measurements of samples with a height of up to 200 mm and with a weight of up to 30 kg.  

Maintenance-free scan head / high vibration resistance

The patented process of structured LED illumination especially developed by confovis for modern industrial applications neither uses laser scanning nor moveable components. 3D scanning is effected level-wise, by means of a structured illumination sequence. The compact and robust modules are insusceptible to shocks. Without the typical susceptibility to shocks and vibrations, our metrology systems consistently achieve top-class results. They work in a maintenance-free manner and don’t have to be readjusted. Re-calibration is not necessary.