With LEADinspect, macro lead and micro lead can be analyzed comprehensively by one device in one setup. This enables the evaluation of surfaces for their suitability as seals and the optimization and monitoring of production. The surface and lead measuring system scans the shell surface of a shaft according to the latest version of the Daimler standard MBN 31007-7 of 2009. The system provides 72-line scans by means of a precision rotary axis.

Besides, the system can measure roughness according to DIN EN ISO 4287, DIN EN ISO 13565 and ISO 25178, also the dominant waviness in accordance with VDA 2007. Measurements are completed within short time and the results correlated with those of tactile systems; micro lead is evaluated according to the Daimler standard.

Lead, in sealing engineering, is defined as any structure on a cylindrical shaft surface that can systematically redirect the sealed fluid in axial direction. Lead is a three-dimensional issue and can holistically only be measured by optical means and at sub-micrometer resolution.

In contrast to a conventional measuring equipment, LEADinspect scans an area not point by point or line by line but completely. In this way, periodic structures, which may be critical to shaft sealing systems, can reliably be differentiated from stochastic surface structures.

Confovis compiles the measuring system according to the customer’s measuring task. A wide range of compatible components is available: from scanning modules and high-precision Nikon and Olympus objective lenses, powerful measuring and analysis software, to a multitude of handling, fixing and mounting devices.


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