Confovis OEM module

confovisMeasurement systemsOEM module

Optical roughness and contour measurement at highest precision

The OEM module from Confovis permits manufacturers of measuring machines and inspection systems for roughness measurement as well as micro contour measurement to enjoy the benefits of its patented optical measurement method (Structured Illumination Microscopy). The module uses neither laser scanning nor moving parts (such as mirrors or multi-pinhole discs) and therefore it is insensitive to vibration. The module requires no maintenance and invariable produces first-class results. 3D scanning is performed in focal planes by a structured illumination sequence.

Unlike the confocal measurement technology, the Confovis OEM module does not scan a surface point by point or line by line, but rather an area – and provides data of a quality that makes standard deviations in roughness measurements (for example at the Halle KNT 4070/03/A3 (Rz 0.45µ)) comparable with those of the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB). Sensitive surfaces such as polyamide films or diamond coatings can also be measured. The system can measure unknown surfaces, traceable to generally applicable standards and norms without additional know-how.

OEM module – Measurement tasks

Measurement of micro structures in MEMS production

Measurement of display glasses and sensors

Measurement of roughness on complex geometries (such as cutting tools)

Measurement of micro contours (such as cutting edges)

Advantages of the OEM module from Confovis

  • Artifact-free measurement of arbitrary structures by patented measuring technique using LED light
  • Confocal measurement method and focus variation complement each other perfectly
  • High measuring speed due to real-time capability of the controller
  • High dynamic range allows measurement of different material combinations
  • User-friendly, intuitive measurement software from Confovis
  • Additional evaluation by established analysis software
  • Maintenance-free hardware, no moving parts in the measuring head
  • Support of all common 3D output formats


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