In the past, defects, such as dents, in the production of rolling elements, were detected by combined methods of brightfield and darkfield illumination in combination with high-speed line cameras and parameterizable evaluation software (such as, e.g., Neurocheck). This is a qualitative inspection method; no numerical information about the defect height is available. ROLLERinspect developed by Confovis is a holistic measuring system for rolling elements; it receives the defect position from the defect detection system by means of phase-angle sensor and x-, y- coordinate system, moves to the defect position and measures it in three dimensions. This provides the user with quantitative information of the defect size, which can be evaluated.

  • Quick defect detection and classification by proved Neurocheck defect identification
  • Transfer of the defect coordinates to Confovis by coordinate transformation
  • Measurement of the classified defects by confocal measurement
  • Automated evaluation of the defects according to defect catalog
  • Interface with the corporate database
  • Roughness measurement traceable to standard possible
  • One-button operation of the measuring system is suitable for the production floor
  • User-friendly, intuitive ConfoVIZ® measuring software
  • Additional evaluation by established MountainsMap© analysis software

The combination of fast defect detection by means of a line camera and a classifier has stood the acid test of practical application. The subsequent step of quantifying defects (particularly the height of points of impact) has always been a manual process, either by means of tactile or confocal measurement. The retrieval and the positioning of the defect in the confocal microscope took up most of the time. The associated logistic challenges and the continuity or tracing of data are extremely complex.

By combining defect detection and defect measurement in a common positioning unit and transformation of coordinates, a manual step that takes up much time and makes parts difficult to trace is omitted. The user obtains quantitative information the generation of which usually takes 20 minutes or more within a matter of seconds.

Confovis compiles the measuring system according to the customer’s measuring task. A wide range of compatible components is available: from scanning modules and high-precision Nikon and Olympus objective lenses, powerful measuring and analysis software, to a multitude of handling, fixing and mounting devices.


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