The combination of confocal measuring technique and focus variation enables the three-dimensional measurement of most different surfaces. In industry, aviation and space travel, the automotive and the machine tool industry the TOOLinspect measuring system from Confovis represents an industry solution for measuring functional surfaces. Confocal measuring equipment measures surfaces down to the single-digit nanometer range traceable to norms (DIN EN ISO 4287/4288, DIN EN ISO 13565, ISO 25178). In addition, focus variation also permits measuring geometries with steep flanks such as, for example on chip removing tools. Thanks to customized solutions, customers of Confovis obtain quantifiable value-added.

TOOLinspect can be used on devices of different size. For example, samples of up to 700 mm length and 300 mm height can be mounted on the robust machine frame. By teaching-in the measuring plan, even complex measuring tasks can be automated without programming skills. Therefore, even inexperienced workers can perform reliably recurring measurement tasks.

  • High-precision measurements down to the single-digit nanometer range
  • Measurements on reflecting, transparent and diffuse surfaces
  • Virtually artifact-free measurements because – inherent in the technology and in contrast with laser scanning microscopes – there are only marginal coherence and speckle effects
  • Traceable roughness measurements: can be verified by reference to standards of independent suppliers
  • Operator-friendly, intuitive ConfoVIZ® measuring software
  • Evaluation by established MountainsMap© evaluation software
  • Simple handling: 3 clicks for the measurement, 1 click for the evaluation
  • Short measuring time: almost like a stylus instrument

The surface quality is the critical determiner of the product characteristics. To analyze and improve modern tribological surfaces it is not sufficient to determine the parameters Rpk, Rk and Rvk from individual profile lines. In fact, surface characteristics must be evaluated as an area, e.g., by the areal functional parameters Spk, Sk and Svk as counterparts of the profile parameters. In the past, the quality assurance in the production of functional surfaces was judged by tactile devices. The strengths of the confocal measuring principle of structured illumination are seen particularly on reflecting, fine surfaces, also with transparent layers. With the patented Confovis technology, the geometrical structure even of fine surfaces and components can be monitored at every step in development and production.

For example, toolmakers can inspect milling cutters, taps or indexable inserts not only with respect to their geometrical features such as cutting-edge radius or cutting-edge angle but can also measure the roughness with reference to norms. Large angles are measured by focus variation. Extremely fine surfaces are measured with the confocal measuring principle down to the single-digit nanometer scale.

Confovis compiles the measuring system according to the customer’s measuring task. A wide range of compatible components is available: from scanning modules and high-precision Nikon and Olympus objective lenses, powerful measuring and analysis software, to a multitude of handling, fixing and mounting devices.

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