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Reliable 3D metrology and automated optical inspection for any kind of wafer process control​

The Confovis WAFERinspect is the next generation of metrology as well as automated optical inspection (AOI) for MEMS, Fan Out Packaging, Probe Mark Inspection, LED, bump inspection and metrology.

Core of the Confovis WAFERinspect is the ultra-precise and fast confocal 3D sensor. The patented Confovis measuring method (Structured Illumination Microscopy, SIM) is capable of measuring 3D surfaces with an accuracy of 3 nm and a repeatability < 2 nm (@ 3 sigma). These values have been demonstrated at a certified step height of 50 nm. Measuring a 5µ step height with an accuracy of < 10nm and a repeatability of < 20 nm @ 3 sigma gets accomplished.

The optical quality of the entire system leads also with applications such as defect inspection on structured surfaces with low contrast or 2D measurements (e.g. Line/Space) to results not seen with comparable tools before. Due to the modern architecture of hardware and software it is possible to inspect structured surfaces using the “Golden sample” method. The defect detection software from our partner Neurocheck, which includes classification tools and neuronal networks, has a variety of options for challenging surfaces.


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A measuring system with many benefits

  • Measurements of different surface coats/materials, including reflecting and transparent layers; e.g. for assessment of undercuts
  • Artifact free measurements of demanding surfaces (no “bat wings”)
  • High degree of automation: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic measuring system, as needed
  • Wafer handling systems (EFEM) and wafer positioning systems available (flexible wafer sizes and types, frame handling, etc. possible)
  • Functionality of a traditional microscope: e.g., visual inspection of wafers through the eyepieces
  • High-precision measuring technique: confocal with high vertical resolution of < 3 nm (VDI 2655)
  • No time-consuming FIB analysis

WAFERinspect - Measurement tasks

Confocal 3D measurements​

  • Independent of materials (silicon, epoxy, glass, chrome, resist, etc.)
  • Measurements of demanding surfaces without artifacts (no ‘bat wings’)
  • High speed: 60 confocal frames per second (251,658,240 measuring points/s)

2D measurements

    • Critical Dimensions: Line/Space
    • VIAs
    • Oblong holes
    • Overlay




Defect inspection

  • Macro defects
  • Micro defects
  • Particle Inspection
  • Golden Sample
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neuronal networks


Visual inspection​

  • Operator mode (visual inspection)
  • Color images
  • Extended depth of focus images
  • Stitching
  • Documentation by commentary function
  • Digital inking
  • Visual inspection with fine alignment, KLARFF-files

Areas of application

Detailed measurements with WAFERinspect

of MEMS, 3D packaging (especially bumps), probe marks, LED, roughness, CIS (CMOS Image Sensor),…

    • 3D measurements take about 2 seconds (120 confocal images covering a z range of 20µ with an accuracy of < 4nm)
    • Result is independent from material measured, even passivation layers on top of copper or chrome on glass works
    • Measurement of angles, distances and dimensions with an accuracy which comes close to an AFM (atomic force microscope)
    • As the autofocus uses part of the beam path of the confocal system it works on any kind of surfaces even on mirror surfaces
    • Ability to measure top and bottom CD more accurate due to z-scan ability
    • Analysis through Halcon or Cognex software: Confovis WAFERinspect has an interface to Halcon/Cognex for 2D analysis. It is possible to measure 2D distances, die-to-die shift or any kind of absolute or relative coordinate
    • Measurement of line/space structures smaller than 1µ
    • Positioning of various redistribution layers (RDL) in combination with die position

Integration of other sensors makes the system upwards compatible

    • Patented Confovis confocal sensor
    • ‘Best of class’ strategy: film thickness (Filmetrics), WLI sensors (Precitec), triangulation sensors (LMI or Micro Epsilon),

In combination with a wafer handling system (EFEM) all kind of wafers can get measured

    • Inspection of wafers with various sizes and panels (300×300 mm) on the same system without hardware changes
    • Recipe creation without any programming skills using the GUI of the Confovis system
    • Analysis based on MATLAB, Python or Confovis plug-ins
    • Wafer maps using GDS-II files, creating a wafer map with 3 clicks using Confovis WaferInspect software

Measuring by recipe: automated measurements for all kind of tasks

  • No programming: simple and quick according to recipe (“DIE-Select“)
  • 3 steps to the wafer layout: teach any layout, even without a layout file
  • ConfoVIZ® WaferInspect: operator-independent 2D & 3D measurements of line/space, VIAs, pillars, overlay and many other surface features
  • Defect review: Loading wafer maps enables simple and detailed failure analysis
  • DIE based display of the measuring results: Detect deviations on the wafer at a glance
  • Operator mode: Select recipe and wafer → start → display results

High-precision measurements with WAFERinspect

Confovis offers a very quick confocal measuring system. As the measurement is area-based and made with non-polarized LED light, even difficult combinations of materials such as, for example, chromium on glass, can be measured with high precision. The patented confocal measuring method does not use moving parts in the optical beam path, which makes it maintenance-free and robust. By switching over the illumination, a grid structure is imaged in the sample and the differential contrast evaluated by CCD sensor.

WAFERinspect measuring system

Besides the option of a stand-alone system, the WAFERinpect is available additionally as a fully automated wafer handling system with a wafer loader (EFEM). The measuring system is available in different variations:

    • Based on Nikon and Olympus wafer microscopes for wafer up to 12”
    • Based on a granite stand developed by Confovis with a flexible configuration up to 650x650mm for panel inspection

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