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Measurement tasks in surface metrology

Optical 3D surface metrology tailored to your measurement task: The optical 3D surface measurement systems from Confovis solve your measurement tasks successfully in an automated process. The patented Confovis technology is based on the confocal optical measurement method “Structured Illumination Microscopy” (SIM), which in contrast to other measuring methods (e.g. laser scanning microscopy or other methods of surface metrology) provides unrivaled measuring speed and data quality. The SIM measurement method is supplemented perfectly by focus variation for measurements of form and other geometric features. The Confovis optical measurement systems provide measuring data even of demanding surfaces and material combinations with nanometer accuracy.

Measurement tasks and applications in optical 3D surface metrlogy

Measurement task: Defect inspection

Defect detection and dimensional measurements of wafer structures

Measurement task: Roughness

Roughness measurements traceable to standards

Measurement task: Lead measurement

Analysis of micro and macro lead

Measurement task: Wear measurement

Wear measurement

Measurement task: Tribological surface

Tribological surfaces

Surface measurement technology from Confovis

Based on the requirements of different measuring tasks Confovis develops optical 3D measuring systems for measurement and evaluation of surface properties. These systems are of modular design; therefore, the optical surface measuring instruments can be adapted to customer requirements in terms of hardware and software.

Surface Roughness

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