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Wafer inspection:
Defect inspection and dimensional measurement increase output

Depending on the requirements of the structure to be produced, wafers go through many different process steps and remain in the wafer fab for weeks until production is complete. Wafer inspection by dimensional measurement and defect detection ensure that wafers with defects are eliminated from production. Whether measurements are made or detection is practiced, depends on various circumstances, such as whether 100% wafer detection is required for the process and is reasonable with respect to the production output achievable. Defect detection and dimensional measurements are possible with the WAFERinspect measuring systems and Confovis’ patented optical measurement method.

Wafer inspection - a question of strategy

Wafer inspection is implemented by various approaches. By detection of defects wafers in production can be sorted and assigned to a particular step in manufacturing.

To reduce the frequency of defects, process parameters are set by “trial and error“. Dimensional measurements help check and adjust the manufacturing process and evaluate it, for example, by critical dimensions (2D and 3D). The advantage is that process parameters are optimized and therefore output increases.

Furthermore, the manufacturing step can be stabilized in the system. A 100% check is not always an economical solution, particularly when – depending on the required resolution – very many dimensional measurements must be made. The process behavior across the entire wafer also decides on the necessity of 100% control.

Measuring tasks

Defect inspection

  • Macro defects
  • Micro defects
  • Golden Sample
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neuronal networks




2D measurements

  • Critical Dimensions: Line/Space
  • VIAs
  • Oblong holes
  • Overlay
  • Cognex
  • Halcon

Confocal 3D Measurements

  • Independent of materials (silicon, epoxy, glass, chrome, resist, etc.)
  • Measurements of demanding surfaces without artifacts (no ‘bat wings’)
  • High speed due to a self-damping z-drive: 40 confocal frames per second (167,772,160 measuring points/s)

Visual Inspection

  • Operator mode (visual inspection)
  • Color images
  • Extended depth of focus images
  • Stitching
  • Documentation by commentary function
  • Digital inking
  • Visual inspection with fine alignment, KLARFF-files

Wafer inspection with Confovis

The Confovis WAFERinspect measurement systems combine the advantages of defect detection and dimensional measurement. Macro and micro defects are detected and classified at high speed and dimensional measurements are performed. A wafer loader which can load various wafers (e.g., MEMS, glass, warped, TAIKO, frame, etc.), makes the system suitable even for the most demanding measuring tasks in automatic process control.

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