Wafer Analyse mit Confovis

The Swiss Army Knife for wafer analysis

The Swiss Army Knife for wafer analysis Confovis, the optical metrology specialist from Jena, Germany, presents its fully automated measurement system for multi-process-analysis for different wafer types (MEMS, Standard, Thin, Taiko, Warped, Frame) at the Semicon 2018 in Munich.…
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Prozessüberwachung in der Dioden-Herstellung mit Confovis

Measurement technology allows for rapid process monitoring in diode production

Messtechnik erlaubt schnelle Prozessüberwachung in der Diodenherstellung The measurement technology specialist Confovis GmbH, Jena uses detailed measurement data to provide comprehensive information concerning the process and product quality for the laser diode manufacturer Lumics GmbH from Berlin. Lumics GmbH…
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Qualitätsprüfung additiv gefertigter Bauteile

Contactless quality inspection of additive manufactured components

Contactless quality inspection of additive manufactured components By means of additive manufacturing technology, such as selective laser sintering, geometries which are not possible using established manufacturing processes can be achieved. The surface of such additive manufactured components often has…
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Automatisierte Wafer Analyse mit Confovis

Automatic microscopy on semiconductor wafers

Automatic microscopy on semiconductor wafers: confovis GmbH is presenting the latest generation of automatic measuring systems for the industry at the international trade fair for semiconductor technology, “Semicon Europe”. The experts for 3D surface analysis will be exhibiting the…
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