Oberflächeninspektion bis in den Nanometerbereich


... according to standard

The patented confocal measuring technique from Confovis uses LED light and acquires areal data of the surface topography. It is particularly suitable for high-precision measurements of roughness. In contrast with laser scanning microscopes, there are no speckle or coherence effects so that roughness can be evaluated in unfiltered state (according to VDA 2006) in accordance with the standards DIN EN ISO 4287/88, DIN EN ISO 13565 and DIN EN ISO 25178

Focus variation


... and confocal measurements

Use the advantages of both measurement processes in one system - e.g. for form as well as roughness determination in tool making and mechanical engineering. Measure reliably flank angles up to 80° with focus variation and finely finished surfaces with the highly precise confocal measurement technology.

3D wafer microstructures measured; automated wafer inpsection


... automatically measured

2D structures such as CD (line/space, diameter), overlay, vias,
plated through-holes and also 3D structures such as
layer thickness, angle and surface topography can
be measured and evaluated with Wafer Inspect.
The Confovis inspection systems can be
integrated in fully automatic wafer
handling systems.



Optical measurement for 3D surface analysis provided by Confovis

Fast, precise and traceable to standards: Confovis offers optical 3D measurement for the reliable imaging of the surface for different applications and industries.

The areal confocal measurement according to the patented principle of “structured illumination microscopy“ (SIM) yields areal images of surfaces with an accuracy down to the single-digit nanometer scale. The roughness is evaluated by the MountainsMap software according to established standards. The areal measurement of Micro-geometries such as, e.g., on tools, is performed by the tried-and-tested focus variation procedure. Cutting edges are evaluated by parameters such as Sγ and Sα using the software of IFW Hannover. The combination of confocal and focus variation measurement in a common coordinate system is unique and takes advantage of the benefits of both measuring techniques in a 3D point cloud.


Integrierte optische Messverfahren für eine produktionsnahe 3D Oberflächenvermessung

Vom 07. bis 10. Mai zeigt die Confovis GmbH ihre optischen 3D Oberflächenmesssysteme auf der Control in Stuttgart – der internationalen Messe für Qualitätssicherung. Die, auf Kunden- und Branchenanforderungen...


The Swiss Army Knife for wafer analysis

Confovis, the optical metrology specialist from Jena, Germany, presents its fully automated measurement system for multi-process-analysis for different wafer types (MEMS, Standard, Thin, Taiko, Warped, Frame) at the Semicon...

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