Oberflächeninspektion bis in den Nanometerbereich


... according to standard

Using the technology of the structured illumination Confovis measuring systems are particularly suitable for precise measurements of surface roughness, which were analysed profil-based (2D) according to DIN ISO 4287/4288 as well as area-based (3D) according to DIN ISO 25178.

Focus variation


... and confocal measurements

Use the advantages of both measurement processes in one system - e.g. for form as well as roughness determination in tool making and mechanical engineering. Measure reliably flank angles up to 80° with focus variation and finely finished surfaces with the highly precise confocal measurement technology.

3D wafer microstructures measured; automated wafer inpsection


... automatically measured

The ConfoDisc CL300 measuring system the automatic and
three-dimentional measurement of through-silicon vias (TSV)
and bumps. Nikon handling periphery such as wafer
loader can be easily integrated. Control and data
transfer are carried out via a SECS/GEM

Be flexible...

… with the Confovis DUO Vario.

It offers you maximum flexibility in terms of the measuring technique, degree of automation and sample size. Solve different measurement tasks quickly, reliably and with high precision using just one measurement system.

3D surface metrology provided by Confovis

Quick, precise and conforming to standards: Confovis offers optical 3D measuring technology for reliable process controls and detailed quality inspections in a wide range of industries.

With cutting tools, the surface quality in the sub-micrometer range is crucial to the service life of the tools and the precision of the parts to be produced. Especially in the production of functional surfaces such as bearing surfaces, deviations in the nanometre range are decisive for the service life and reliability of the parts. Using Confovis measuring systems, you can measure both tools and functional surfaces of components with nanometre precision.

Strong Partnerships

Confovis cooperates with established companies from industry and research

In order to offer high-performance complete systems, Confovis has close partnerships with well-established and experienced companies in the fields of microscopy, micro positioning and software. These companies provide products and services in compliance with common industrial standards offering customers reliable and fully developed measuring technology solutions.Confovis is focused on its core competence which is measuring technology.  Read more >


Measurement technology allows for rapid process monitoring in diode production

Optical measurement technology supports quality control at the laser diode manufacturer Lumics GmbH...


Tool Inspect measurement system at the Hanover Fair 2017

Confovis presents its Tool Inspect optical measurement system for quick and automated measurement of tools and micro-components at the Hanover Fair 2017. The measurement system offers two measurement procedure in one...

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