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Optical measurement systems for surface analysis of nanometer accuracy

Based on different industry requirements, Confovis develops optical 3D measurement systems for measurement and evaluation of surface characteristics. The optical measuring systems are tailored exactly to the requirements of the respective industries; their modular design makes them adaptable to customer requirements in terms of size, features and technology.

Depending on the configuration, the optical measuring systems are available as manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. As stand-alone systems, their design and available interfaces make them suitable for integration into existing production-related series measurement systems. 

Surfaces, microstructures etc. are measured with the appropriate measurement software from Confovis and subsequently evaluated by the established evaluation software such as MountainsMap© or GOM©. In terms of quality assurance, this results in significant time savings, high data quality and reliable measurement data for evaluation. Unlike the conventional confocal measuring methods, the optical measuring method patented by Confovis, supply artifact-free measurement data even of most complex surfaces (such as reflecting, transparent or diffuse layers).

Confovis metrology tools

Reliable 3D & 2D measurements for the semiconductor industry


For high-precision measurement and analysis of functional surfaces.

For standard-compliant analysis of micro- and macro-lead in one measurement run.

Optical 3D measurement of most difficult surfaces

The structures of certain surface features require a full analysis by optical measurement systems. In combination with confocal microscopy, surfaces can be analyzed in their entirety with regard to microgeometry, roughness measurement and isotropy and are traceable to the common roughness standards DIN EN ISO 4287 and 13565. This means, for example, that artifact-free measurements can be made even of the most challenging surface combinations.

An example for this is contacts (mostly gold) of a USB stick, which are embedded in insulation material (mostly plastic), which puts other 3D measuring systems to the test due to the different materials. With the optical 3D measuring systems from Confovis such difficult combinations of material and surface can be handled without the use of filters. The same applies to extremely hard layers (e.g., DLC coatings or amorphous carbon layers such as ta-C), which can be detected at every process step. Due to the frequently random distribution of the structural elements of these surfaces, the use of Confovis measuring systems supply higher parameter stability than tactile devices.

Optical 3D measurement with Confovis

Whether in production, clean rooms, test laboratories or in research & development: the Confovis measurement systems are easy to integrate, simple to operate and provide measuring results with an accuracy down to the single-digit nanometer range even in harsh environments. Besides, measurements are made at high speed, which saves valuable time.

The optical measurement systems of Confovis can be integrated​

Detailed surface measurements are not yet standard in measuring machines or inspection systems, so that roughness or waviness must be measured at no less than two different stations. This requires higher input and therefore longer measuring time.

Simple integration into coordinate measuring machines (CMM) is ensured by the robust design (no moving parts). This eliminates the need for transfer times and also ensures the uniformity of data transfer.



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