Optische 3D-Messtechnik von Confovis
Patented combination of
defect inspection and 2D/3D measurements

Fast, precise and traceable to standards: Confovis offers with optical 3D measurement for the reliable imaging of the surface for different applications and industries.

The areal confocal measurement according to the patented principle of “structured illumination microscopy“ (SIM) yields areal images of surfaces with an accuracy down to the single-digit nanometer scale. The roughness is evaluated by the MountainsMap software according to established standards. The areal measurement of micro-geometries such as, e.g., on tools, is performed by the tried-and-tested focus variation procedure. Cutting edges are evaluated by parameters such as Sγ and Sα using the software of IFW Hannover. The combination of confocal and focus variation measurement in a common coordinate system is unique and takes advantage of the benefits of both measuring techniques in a 3D point cloud.

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