WAFERinspect AOI Dual

Full 3D defect and anomaly inspection for inline semiconductor manufacturing.

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WAFERinspect AOI Dual

The WAFERinspect AOI Dual is an automated optical inspection (AOI) tool with two high-end sensors for semiconductor manufacturing inspection. The two sensors allow for a two-path approach inspection of wafers up to 300 mm. It is specifically designed for the inspection of lenses and bumps in LiDAR and advanced packaging applications. First, the whole wafer is scanned within minutes to identify defects. Then structure in question are analysed to nm accuracy with the ConfoCam module.

WAFERinspect AOI Dual for full 3D wafer scans

The WAFERinspect AOI Dual system can perform a full 3D scan of a 300 mm wafer within 2 to 3 minutes. This allows a fast 3D defect inspection. It is of particular interest for micro-lenses and bumps in LiDAR and Advanced Packaging for example.

The availability of the two adjacent sensors allows for a two-path approach:

Hence, in a second path, the structures in question can be analysed to single nm accuracy with the Confovis patented optical measurement method.

Structure heights ranging from 50 µm to few mm can be seamlessly measured with the 1200 points white light sensor can cope with it.

100% 3D defect inspection with the WAFERinspect AOI Dual

Whether it is deformations of micro-lenses for LiDAR or height distributions of bumps in advanced packaging, the AOI Dual system can carry out a 100% 3D defect inspection on big data up to 1 TB/wafer.

The artificial intelligence (AI) capability of Confovis in anomaly detection allows to detect unknown defects.

Additionally, a comparison between the actual shape of the structures and a target (golden sample) is possible.

3D view of a wafer - WAFERinspect AOI Dual
3D defect inspection with the WAFERinspect AOI Dual
WAFERinspect AOI Dual for lenses inspection

WAFERInspect AOI Dual: Applications

WAFERinspect AOI Dual - technical highlights

WAFERinspect AOI Dual



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