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Roughness measurement

The function of technical surfaces is decisively influenced by their roughness. Friction, as an example, will result in counterbody wear and audible noise. Besides, the oil retention volume is crucial for the system’s long-term stability in the case of tribological surfaces.

The optical measuring system TOOLinspect allows measuring the function-relevant surface parameters pursuant to DIN EN ISO 4287, 4288, 13565 and 25178. The results can be verified with measurement standards that are independent of the manufacturer. Typical standard deviations are found in the lower one-digit nanometer range.

Lead analysis

The lead on shaft surfaces is to be quantified by a lead measurement for a useful design and the inspection of sealing systems.

Unlike with the thread method, lead will be quantitatively evaluated with the Confovis lead analysis without the user’s influence. Periodic long-wave structures are measured in the same way as aperiodic short-wave microstructures. The method of micro lead analysis as developed by the Institut für Maschinenelemente (Institute of Machine Elements) of Stuttgart University is part and parcel of the Confovis software.

Tribological surfaces

Amorphous carbon layers, such as ta-C, or also DLC surfaces with their randomly distributed structure elements are a measuring challenge for mechanical perthometers. Due to the great hardness, the stylus is subject to heavy wear which will result in high ongoing operating costs. 

Layers difficult to measure can be reliably measured, traceable to standards, with the patented non-contact optical 3D measuring equipment from Confovis.

Wear measurement on cutting tools

Bei der Entwicklung von Verschleißschutzschichten an Zerspanungswerkzeugen ist es vorteilhaft, bereits im Vorfeld abschätzen zu können wie stark der Verschleiß während des Betriebs sein wird. Unabhängig davon ob die Oberflächen teiltransparent oder stark reflektiv sind, lässt sich mit der patentierten berührungslosen optischen 3D-Messtechnik von Confovis Verschleiß zuverlässig messen. Über einen Soll-Ist-Vergleich in GOM können Ergebnisse für Simulationen generiert werden.

Measurement tasks in surface metrology

Optical 3D surface metrology tailored to your measurement task: The optical 3D surface measurement systems from Confovis solve your measurement tasks successfully in an automated process.

The patented Confovis technology is based on the confocal optical measurement method “Structured Illumination Microscopy” (SIM), which in contrast to other measuring methods (e.g. laser scanning microscopy or other methods of surface metrology) provides unrivaled measuring speed and data quality. The SIM measurement method is supplemented perfectly by focus variation for measurements of form and other geometric features.

The Confovis optical measurement systems provide measuring data even of demanding surfaces and material combinations with nanometer accuracy.

Measurement tasks and applications in optical 3D surface metrlogy

Measurement task: Defect inspection

Defect detection and dimensional measurements of wafer structures

Measurement task: Roughness

Roughness measurements traceable to standards

Measurement task: Lead measurement

Analysis of micro and macro lead

Measurement task: Wear measurement

Wear measurement

Measurement task: Tribological surface

Tribological surfaces

Surface measurement technology from Confovis

Surface Roughness



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