Wafer Bump Inspection

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Wafer Bump Inspection

The patented Confovis measurement method is technology leader, where the resolution of bumps (wafer bump inspection) and copper pillars (copper pillar inspection) between 2 µm and 100 µm is concerned. Irrespective of the material involved, not only the height of the bumps but also their shape and surface can be measured (wafer bump metrology).

Wafer Bump Inspection with Confovis

Based on this technology, the Confovis WAFERinspect AOI Tool has been extended by a high-speed chromatic-confocal line sensor. Customers therefore have the opportunity to completely inspect wafers and panels with millions of bumps in a very short time (wafer bump inspection). It is possible at any time to resort to the Confovis measurement result as gold standard, in order to algorithmically reduce the process-related edge effects of the chromatic-confocal inspection.

It is not required to calibrate the Confovis measurement – irrespective of the material involved and of the ambient surface. The patented structured illumination microscopy (SIM) will ensure an accuracy of < 9 nm @ 3 sigma in the case of structure heights of 4 µm.

Wafer Bump Inspection

100%-wafer bump inspection and copper pillar inspection

A 100%-wafer bump inspection is unavoidable, in order to ensure the reliability rates required for stacked devices in the future. Apart from dimensional measurements, the AOI systems from Confovis offer a wide range of  bump inspection and metrology solutions in this respect.

The inspection of bumps and copper pillars includes the detection of missing, bridged and deformed bumps. Another inspection category offered by our systems is the detection of surface defects (such as foreign particles) on a bumped wafer.

Why Confovis for wafer bump inspection and copper pillar inspection??

Wafer bump inspection technologies


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Wafer bump inspection – Measurement tasks

Defect inspection

  • Macro defects
  • Micro defects
  • Particle inspection
  • Golden Sample
  • Defect detection with AI (deep learning, anomaly detection)
  • Feature-based defect classification with neural network

3D measurements

  • Independent of materials: silicon, epoxy, glass, chrome, resist, etc.
  • Measurements of demanding surfaces without artifacts (no ‘bat wings)
  • High speed: 60 confocal frames per second (250 mil. measuring points)
  • Film Thickness / Layer Stack
  • Topography
  • Coplanarity
  • Bumps
  • Roughness
  • Step Height

2D measurements

Critical Dimensions

    • Line/Space
    • VIAs
    • Oblong holes
    • Overlay

Confovis WAFERinspect AOI for the inspection of wafer bumps

The Confovis WAFERinspect AOI tool combines various inspection jobs on bump inspection. By combining automated optical inspection (AOI) with metrology, Confovis AOI is able to offer solutions for the defect inspection and classification as well as 3D and 2D measurements (Wafer Level Metrology).



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