Why Confovis?

We, Confovis GmbH based in Jena (Germany), are a developer and manufacturer of instruments for automated optical inspection (WAFERinspect AOI) and optical 3D surface metrology (TOOLinspect) for the semiconductor industry. Our devices enable precise defect inspection, classification and dimensional measurements, for example for surface topography in statistical process control.

Unlike other AOI systems, our solutions are versatile due to their unique hardware. Adjustments in defect inspection recipes, as well as classifications can be made directly via the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Hence, the defect classes are taught by short GUI-supported learning, using rule-based artificial intelligence.

Since 2009, we have concentrated on customer-focused and application-oriented system solutions in the fields of semiconductors & MEMS, surface technology, automotive & aerospace, and the optical industry.

Confovis ist Anbieter optischer Messtechnik aus Jena

Our philosophy

Satisfied customers enjoy top priority in our corporate philosophy.

We ensure this by the high quality of our application-oriented customer solutions, by our experienced employees and by the spirit of partnership between all people involved, be it customers or business partners.

Customer satisfaction

The absolute satisfaction of our customers is our declared aim. We develop, in close cooperation and consultation with our customers, application-oriented complete solutions with the aim of growing together.

High quality

The quality aspect of our products and services as well as their continuous improvement enjoy highest priority in all company units: We want to avoid errors, want to consequently eliminate identified sources of errors and continuously increase the quality of our services.

Spirit of partnership

We are dealing with our customers and business partners in a spirit of partnership and treat each other in a humane, respectful and fair way. We put the emphasis on reliability and delivery dependability.

Our employees

Our employees are people with knowledge, skills, experience and commitment. We create a working environment for them that offers everyone the chance to get involved in a committed and responsible way and to develop further.

A selection of our customers

Our cooperation partners

Our quality policy

We develop application-oriented system solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Individual responsibility and solution-oriented action are the principles, on which our certified quality management system is based. We therefore consider and review our processes from our customers’ point of view and always question the benefit provided to our customers by our own activities. Our product, process and service quality is continuously improved on the basis of a quality management system that is certified according to ISO 9001 et seq.

Our history

Product launch: WAFERinspect AOI for high speed defect detection by means of AI
By integrating Defect Inspection & Classification into our WAFERinspect measuring systems, we have been able to offer a process control instrument since 2020, with which defects can be identified and classified through a neural network, with all structures being measured in 2D and 3D.
Product launch of the measuring systems TOOLinspect, WAFERinspect, ROLLERinspect & LEADinspect
The product launch of the measuring systems TOOLinspect, WAFERinspect, LEADinspect and ROLLERinspect in 2017 did not only create customer-focused industry solutions, it also paved the way for easy operability and their independence from user influence while being used for industrial applications.
Moving to the new company premises in Jena-Göschwitz
Product launch of the highly integrated Confovis DUO Vario measuring system
Apart from standard systems on the basis of microscope components, the measuring system Duo Vario, developed in 2016, has integrated the combined measurement method of the scan module ConfoCam into a measuring system from now on.
First-time certification of the quality management system pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Product launch of the 2-in-1 scan module ConfoCam with its combined measurement technique for confocal measurement and measurement with focus variation
The product launch of the 2-in-1 scan module ConfoCam, which complemented the confocal meas-urement method with the focus variation, has made it now possible to carry out more demanding and comprehensive analyses of shape and roughness.
Foundation of the company in Jena (Thuringia) and product launch of the confocal scan module ConfoCam
Development of the confocal measurement method with Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) and patent application



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