Automated 3D surface inspection for wafer production

confovis presents optical 3D wafer inspection system L300 for the characterisation of surface textures and the definition of “critical dimensions” at this years Semicon Europe in Dresden

The system is particularly suitable for research and development as well as for quality assurance and it enables automatic wafer analysis which is easy to set up and very flexible. With its precise positioning components, state-of-the-art software features and its innovative scan technology it provides the most accurate measurements in a short time. At the touch of a button, the MountainsMap® analysis programme can easily display and examine 3D surfaces.

With innovative software for automated wafer inspection
The expanded measurement and analysis software AutoAIM of our partner Invigon (www.invigon.de) offers special features for the semiconductor industry, beyond classic measuring and analysis options. As well as the automatic capture and evaluation of classic and confocal microscope images, the software also controls the motorised tables of the microscopes. This enables automatic two-dimensional and three-dimensional pattern recognition to measure vias, slotted holes, overlays and other surface features. In addition, the software also supports the analysis of wafer maps, during which all chips on a wafer are automatically measured. Due to the intuitive creation of the measurement protocols, programming knowledge is not needed. Thanks to the automated measurement algorithms, the user is guaranteed reproducibility and independence of measurements. Another feature is the intelligent, software-based hardware protection. This warns the user automatically against actions, which could damage the lens or probe.

Significant results and extensive checks

With the automatic recording and evaluation of the L300 wafer inspection system with AutoAIM software, the user saves time and benefits from reliable measurements. In comparison to usual random sampling, it is possible to check all chips on a semiconductor wafer. Users can see at a glance whether the height of the contact holes or the width of conductors is within the tolerances on all chips and where there are any deviations. Due to the high number of measurements, the results are also statistically significant.

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