Successful certification according to ISO 9001:2008 standard

Confovis is setting a course for entry into the tool and machine engineering markets, as well as into the automotive sector. With certification pursuant to ISO 9001, the business is going a stop further in the direction of being an OEM supplier.

With customer-orientated measurement systems for the 3D surface analyses of components, the business from Jena can meet the high quality standards in production, R&D and quality assurance in industrial businesses.
The company is committed to its orientation towards customers and processes, proving its high-quality and distinct working processes. The introduction of a QM system increases the transparency of internal processes at Confovis, as well as achieving a higher rate of customer satisfaction. The error rate is also lowered, thereby automatically reducing costs. In a detailed procedure, TÜV Thüringen examined all core activities around the business fields of development, manufacture and the distribution of optical 3D measurement technology.

From Development Partner to OEM Supplier
The solution-oriented organisation is to form the basis of further profitable and sustainable growth. With the organisation structures and processes orientated towards the requirements of the target markets, efficient measurement technology solutions are to be created for the automotive and aerospace sectors, tool and machine engineering, semiconductor industry .... With the business's successful certification according to ISO 9001:2008, the measurement technology provider is displaying its qualification as an OEM supplier.

Product Innovations as a Drive Towards Growth
Confovis displays its innovative strength and customer-orientation in the product development sector. Two thirds of the 13 members of staff work in the development/application sector. Recently, this is where the business has been presenting its so far innovative combination of two measuring processes in one instrument and in so doing considerably expanded the application area of their optical 3D measurement technology. With only one 3D measurement system, component contours such as radii and angles can now be exactly analysed into the range of nanometres, and roughness measurements of surfaces can be taken. Until now, this required two measurement instruments. Through the combined measurement processes, tool and machine manufacturers are not only saving acquisition costs, but also training expenses and space.


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