Standard measurement system

Precise measurements down to the single-digit nanometer scale, high-resolution details: Duo Vario BASE is the stepping stone to the traditional analytical tasks such as roughness, topography or microstructure measurements of functional surfaces and was designed for application to standard tasks. The measuring systems excel in precision and ease of handling and therefore measurements can be made quickly also by less experienced users. Depending on the task, the system applies the patented confocal method of structured illumination and focus variation. The vertical resolution extends down to the single-digit nanometer scale. The measuring system is ideal for application in research and development, teaching and training, process control and quality assurance. In addition, it is suitable for quick sample analysis.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No noise filters, full transparency of raw data
  • High-precision measurements down to the nanometer range
  • 2D and 3D characterization of surface features by quick surface area scanning
  • Virtually artifact-free measurements because – inherent in the technology and in contrast with laser scanning microscopes – there are only marginal coherence and speckle effects
  • Measurement of most different surfaces and materials, even of reflecting areas and transparent coats
  • Roughness measurements traceable to standards by PTB certified standards of independent suppliers (e.g. HALLE)
  • Operator-friendly, intuitive ConfoVIZ® measuring software
  • Simple operation also for inexperienced users by user-friendly ConfoVIZ® measuring software
  • Wide selection of evaluations by established analysis software MountainsMap©, Polyworks©, GOM© etc.

Solve traditional measuring tasks with one measuring system

  • Form and outline: angles, heights, widths, radiuses, etc.
  • Roughness profile-based according to DIN ISO 4287/4288 and 13565 as well as area-based according to DIN ISO 25178 
  • Step heights
  • Functional volume parameters according to DIN ISO 25178 (e.g., Vmp, Vmc,Vvc, Vvv parameters)
  • Texture direction/isotropy, dominant waviness
  • Tribology: Material proportion, Rk parameter
  • Measurement of cutting edges: Chipping, edge rounding radius, form, K factor, missing height
  • and a lot more

Fast 3D analysis of microstructures

Measurements are made at high speed. With a high lateral and depth resolution the measuring systems complete a typical surface scanning tasks within a few seconds. The software converts the image stack to a 3D point cloud which is available to the user directly after scanning. 

This tried and tested measuring technique reduces downtime in production caused by laborious treatment of the sample or a long inspection time. Because direct and systematic reactions to critical results are possible, waste is avoided and downtime minimized.

Areal based evaluation - for more information

The quality of functional surfaces such as, for example, bearings, is determined critically by the surface quality. In order to analyze modern tribological surfaces with randomly distributed element, how they arise in finishing processes, it is not sufficient to determine the parameters Rpk, Rk and Rvk from individual profile lines. In fact, functional surface characteristics must be evaluated as an area to obtain additional information about their function and not merely obtain a numerical value, e.g., by the areal functional parameters Spk, Sk and Svk as counterparts to the profile parameters.

In the past, the quality assurance in the production of functional surfaces was judged by tactile devices. The strengths of the confocal measuring principle of structured illumination are seen particularly on reflecting, fine surfaces, also with transparent layers. With the patented Confovis technology, the geometrical structure even of fines surfaces and components can be monitored at every step in development and production when laser scanning microscopes are running up to their limits.

For example, toolmakers can inspect milling cutters, taps or indexable inserts not only with respect to their geometrical features such as cutting-edge radius or cutting-edge angle but can also measure the roughness with reference to norms. Large angles are measured by focus variation. Extremely fine surfaces are measured with confocal measuring devices down to the ingle-digit nanometer scale.

Versatile analytical functions for extremely fine surface structures

With the combination of the proprietary ConfoVIZ© measuring software and the commercially established MountainsMap® evaluation software, the measuring system Duo Vario BASE offers a high degree of user friendliness and flexibility. The measuring software generates a 3D point software, both with focus variation and with the measuring points from confocal measurement. It images exclusively measuring points actually recorded. The software will not fill or filter data points not measured. Thus, the user is provided with unaltered measuring values in a coordinate system. The results obtained can be applied in production or output in different formats as needed.

Product designs

Confovis compiles the measuring system according to the customer’s measuring task. A wide range of compatible components is available: from scanning modules and high-precision Nikon and Olympus objective lenses, powerful measuring and analysis software, to a multitude of handling, fixing and mounting devices.

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