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Our quality management

We develop application-oriented system solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Individual responsibility and solution-oriented action are the principles, on which our certified quality management system is based. We therefore consider and review our processes from our customers’ point of view and always question the benefit provided to our customers by our own activities.

Absolute customer satisfaction

The absolute satisfaction of our customers is the declared aim of Confovis. In order to achieve this objective, our internal structures are permanently adapted to the needs and requirements of the market (initially specifically to those of the customers), while our employees are qualified for the changing requirements at the same time. We want to develop, jointly with our existing and new customers, innovative application concepts, so that we can grow together.

Continuous improvement

The quality standard of our products and services is an important basis for our company’s long-term development. The quality aspect and the continuous improvement in all areas therefore enjoy highest priority: We try to avoid errors by anticipatory action. Sources of error, once identified, are consequently eliminated, with preventive measures being taken to increase the quality of our services.

Spirit of partnership

We are dealing with our customers and business partners in a spirit of partnership and treat each other in a humane, respectful and fair way. Such kind of interaction is a major prerequisite for attaining our common objectives.

Importance of our employees

Our employees are people with knowledge, skills, experience and commitment. We manage our personnel in such a way that both their performance capacity and motivation are maintained at a high level by constantly promoting them, but also by putting high demands on them on the basis of target agreements, all of which being embedded in a system of personal feedback. All this is achieved in a working environment that offers every employee the chance to get involved in a committed and responsible way.

Certified quality

It is the job and commitment of each individual employee to ensure the continuous quality of our performance. Our quality management is responsible for the development of, and the compliance with, the system quality. Our product, process and service quality is continuously improved on the basis of a quality management system that is certified according to ISO 9001 et seq.



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