Wafer inspection with WAFERinspect

The Confovis WAFERinspect measuring system, which is based on the NIKON L200 and L300 microscope, resp., is particularly suitable for the detailed measurement of wafer microstructures in the semiconductor industry. The wafer microscope systems produce high-definition results and precise measurements down to the nanometer scale. The measurement system WAFERinspect combines confocal 3D-measurements, classical 2D-measurements and visual inspection, which allows the analysis of different process steps within the semiconductor production. With a measuring and working range of 200 or 300 mm the WAFERInspect measuring system has been designed for all wafer sizes from 2“ – 12“ (semi standard). For professional handling and perfect positioning, vacuum chucks are used in combination with micro-positioning stages. In this way, data regarding the surface details of wafers can be determined in development, testing or directly on the production floor.

A measuring system with many benefits

  • High-precision measuring technique: confocal with high vertical resolution of < 3 nm (VDI 2655)
  • Detection and measurement of critical dimensions on line/space, via, oblong holes, etc.
  • Determination of the overlay (2D und 3D)
  • Combined measuring method: Confocal measuring equipment for 3D analysis of microstructures and steep flanks (e.g., at bonding wires with focus variation)
  • Measurements of different surface coats/materials, including also on reflecting and transparent layers; no time-consuming FIB analysis, e.g., for assessment of undercuts
  • High degree of automation: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic measuring system, as needed
  • Wafer handling systems and wafer positioning systems available (flexible wafer sizes and types, frame handling, etc. possible; Confovis recommends handling systems from Mechatronic)
  • Functionality of a traditional microscope: e.g., visual inspection of wafers through the eyepieces

Measuring by recipe: automated measurements for all measuring tasks

  • No programming: simple and quick according to recipe (“DIE-Select“)
  • 3 steps to the wafer layout: teach any layout, even without a layout file
  • ConfoVIZ® WaferInspect: operator-independent 2D & 3D measurements of line/space, VIAs, pillars, overlay and many other surface features
  • Defect review: Loading wafer maps enables simple and detailed failure analysis
  • DIE based display of the measuring results: Detect deviations on the wafer at one glance
  • Operator mode: Select recipe and wafer → start → display results

High-precision measurements

Confovis offers a very quick confocal measuring system. As the measurement is area-based and made with non-polarized LED light, even difficult combinations of materials such as, for example, chromium on glass, can be measured with high precision. The patented confocal measuring method does not use moving parts in the optical beam path, which makes it maintenance-free and robust. By switching over the illumination, a grid structure is imaged in the sample and the differential contrast evaluated by CCD sensor.

Fast 3D-Analysis

With its high vertical resolution, the ConfoCam C1+ scanning completes a typical surface scan in less than five seconds. The software converts the image stack into a 3D image which is available to the user directly after scanning. This robust measuring technique reduces idle time caused by laborious treatment of the sample or a long inspection time. Because direct and systematic reactions to critical results are possible, waste is avoided and downtime minimized.

Product designs

Confovis compiles the measuring system according to the customer’s measuring task. A wide range of compatible components is available: from scanning modules and high-precision Nikon and Olympus objective lenses, powerful measuring and analysis software, to a multitude of handling, fixing and mounting devices.

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