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Confovis focuses on its core competence, viz. measuring techniques. The patented confocal measuring method of “structured illumination“ in combination with the focus variation method brings these advantages together as a general benefit. Such advantages are measurements with evaluations according to current standards (e.g., DIN EN ISO 4287 /88, DIN EN ISO 13565 and DIN EN ISO 25178), measurements on any roughness standard and micro-geometry measurements using the proven method of focus variation. For powerful all-in systems, Confovis has joined forces with established and experienced partners in microscopy, micro-positioning and software.

Nikon Metrology offers measuring solutions for versatile applications: from dimensional testing of miniature electronics to monitoring the precision fit of components. The optical precision solutions contribute to efficient production processes. Quality products can be supplied within a shorter period of time. The portfolio includes 3D measuring systems, 3D scanners, X-ray and CT systems, systems for the dimensional control of larger objects as well as fully automated video measuring systems and microscopes.

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Digital Surf, founded in Besançon (France) in 1989, specializes in providing surface imaging and metrology software for profilers and microscopes. Software based on Mountains Technology® is used in thousands of laboratories and industrial facilities worldwide working in numerous sectors including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, cosmetics, energy, MEMS, materials research, metallurgy, nanotechnology, optics and semiconductor.

For more than 50 years, the Sealing Technology department at the university’s Institute for Machine Elements (IMA) has occupied itself with nearly all static and dynamic sealings. In the last 15 years, the field of surface analysis and assessment has emerged as an area of focus. The IMA assists in understanding surfaces and deriving conclusions regarding the function and reliability of sealings from three-dimensional surfaces. The portfolio encompasses the analysis of individual field failures as well as measurement tasks and various tribological tests on test benches.

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