WAFERinspect AOI

Combined automatic optical inspection and metrology for serial inspection and measuring tasks

confovisWAFERinspect AOI

WAFERinspect AOI

The Confovis WAFERinspect AOI system combines the most diverse inspection tasks involving structured and unstructured wafers in just one system. By combining automatic optical inspection (AOI) and metrology the Confovis WAFERinspect AOI offers individual solutions for defect inspection and classification as well as for 3D and 2D measurements (wafer level metrology) for MEMS, advanced packaging, RDL, bumps etc.


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    Defect Inspection

    In the field of defect Inspection, the defects on the wafers will be detected and classified during the scanning by the golden sample method. The relevant classificator works feature-based as well as image-based by way of artificial intelligence and is trained by the user to determine the affiliation to the relevant class on the basis of the defect properties identified. Hence, this does not require any defect teaching before the actual scanning, since the system itself finds the deviations between the golden sample and the defect scan on its own.

    3D and 2D measurements

    Apart from the defect scan, the confocal measurement method Structured Illumination Microscopy, which has been patented by Confovis, makes it possible to perform surface scans with nanometer precision and independent of the material with 60 confocal frames/sec. The measurements are typically made within two seconds (120 measuring planes with a z-area of 20 µ and an accuracy of < 4nm), with the measurement result being independent of the material of the surface to be measured. Even the most difficult combinations of passivation layers and copper can be measured without any problems and prior knowledge.


    The Wafer Inspect software from Confovis ensures simple handling for the user by combining easy with professional modes, thus offering a maximum of assessment flexibility by way of „geometry measurements“. Formulas can be created within less than five minutes. Defects will be detected and assessed with the fully integrated and adaptable software from our partner NeuroCheck.

    WAFERinspect AOI applications

    WAFERinspect AOI – measurement tasks

    Defect inspection

    • Macro defects
    • Micro defects
    • Particle Inspection
    • Golden Sample
    • Neural networks for rule-based classification of defects

    3D measurements

    • Independent of materials (silicon, epoxy, glass, chrome, resist, etc.)
    • Measurements of demanding surfaces without artifacts (no ‘bat wings’)
    • High speed: 60 confocal frames per second (251 million measuring points per second)

    2D measurements

    Critical Dimensions

      • Line/Space
      • VIAs
      • Oblong holes
      • Overlay

    WAFERinspect AOI–
    technical Highlights