3D surface inspection in a new light

Confovis is a system provider of optical 3D measuring systems for industrial use. In business since 2009, the company has focused on producing customer-oriented, application-specific solutions. Its patented technology of structured lighting – based on confocal measuring technology – gives rise to new options for quick and nanometre-precise surface analysis for industrial applications. With the latest generation of devices, Confovis combines confocal measuring technology and focus variation into a single system. The measuring technology specialist thus offers industrial clients in the automotive & aerospace sectors, toolmaking & mechanical engineering, metallurgy, semiconductor and optical industries a time- and cost-saving solution for a wide variety of measuring tasks such as micro-contour and roughness measurement.

NIKON partnership

The first devices were already sold to industrial customers and research facilities in 2010. In this connection, the demand for complete solutions became apparent. Accordingly, a partnership with NIKON was founded in 2011 to create a measuring system based on the NIKON Metrology light microscopes and using the ConfoCam®.

From individual components to the system

The company has supplied complete 3D measuring systems since 2012. These comprise NIKON microscope components and compatible Confovis scan technology, including Confovis measuring software. For system solutions, suitable micro-positioning systems, displacement sensors, tool mounts etc. are all integrated into the system solutions.

Extension of the product portfolio

Alongside standard systems such as ConfoSurf CLV150, in 2012, the portal system was developed mainly for customers from the automotive and tool and machine construction industries. The ConfoGate CGF-LV/-SD is especially designed for measuring large components that do not fit under a standard Nikon microscope due to their dimensions and/or weight. As all Confovis systems, this large version is also able to measure surfaces and geometries down to the nanometre range.

Establishing industry solutions for industry

As of 2015, the company has aligned its activities more strongly along individual sectors, where it implements measuring systems specifically for the needs of each target sector. By combining focus variation and the confocal measuring method, for example, customers from toolmaking and mechanical engineering or the automotive industry can benefit from the advantages of both measuring methods when analysing tools or workpieces.

Second measuring method implemented

With two scan modules in the range since 2015, the measuring systems are even more flexible. A new addition is the FocusCam® Scan Module, aimed mainly at shape and contour measurement of microstructures with high flank angles. It measures exclusively using focus variation.  For more advanced and comprehensive analyses of shape and roughness, there is the 2-in-1 Scan Module ConfoCam C1+. This module can measure even reflective surfaces to nanometre precision for standards-compliant and fully traceable determination of roughness parameters. 

Higher degree of automation

In industrial applications, measuring system operability and independence of user influence are becoming increasingly important. As a result, customers have an increasing need for automated systems. In the semiconductors sector, Confovis has already developed and successfully implemented automated wafer analysis in customer applications. The company is now following this up with suitable measurement plans for automated measurement processes in the toolmaking and mechanical engineering sector as well. This is further supported by corresponding hardware and software tools, such as the specially developed motorised workpiece rotary axis and the implementation of a global coordinate system.